Registration notifications allow you to automatically send a message (email or SMS) to your contacts by setting up triggers. 

You will find this feature in your Back-Office > Manage > Notifications and automations.

Two notifications are provided by default for: 

  • Decline confirmation
  • Confirmation of registration

The sending of this message can be triggered at specific moments in the registration process: 

  • Upon submission of the registration form (or a secondary form)
  • To the decline of the invitation
  • At the arrival of a participant at a check-in point
  • When creating an order
  • To the payment of the order by credit card
  • Upon accepted meeting request
  • Upon received meeting request

Choose which segment of contact will receive this automation by clicking on "Edit".

Choose whether to send a message to the contact (email / sms) or notify a third party.

Once you've set your message, you can create new notifications by clicking on "Add a message" or on using an existing message. You may find the following tutorials useful while drafting a message:  

- Create and customize your email 

- Inserting nominal values and URL links in emails  

- Optimize the deliverability of your campaigns 

Be sure to select the trigger for your notification and activate your message (which is disabled by default) with the grey button in the bottom left.

We recommend that you test the user path to ensure that the notification is configured as desired.