Some images on Digitevent have weight or size restrictions to improve the loading time for your participants or to improve the final rendering.

In order to integrate your images in Digitevent, you can follow this procedure (for mac and pc): 

  • How to see the current weight and dimensions of your image? 

You must go to your image, then right click on it, click on "properties" (pc) or "read the information" (mac). You will see the weight (or size) expressed in bytes and the dimensions of the width and height in pixels. 

  • How to resize your image? 

In order to resize your image on mac or pc, you can follow the solution here

  • How to compress your image? 

If necessary, you can also compress your image. For this, you have the possibility to use, for example, the site TinyPNG. When the compression is finished, re-upload your image. 

  • Re-measure and upload your image 

We advise you to always keep your original image in case you want to restart your changes. 

When your image is ready, you can upload it wherever you want on your Digitevent platform.