Matchmaking sessions is a feature allowing participants to meet people (e.g. B2B meetings) during the event. 

These meeting can be programmed directly from participants' schedule.

Set matchmaking sessions: 

From the Event website tab > Matchmaking sessions > Add.

Name the session: 

Fill in the information: 

Edit the fields used to filter the trombinoscope: 

You can select fields to search in the attendees' trombinoscope. For example, select the field "City" in order to chose participants to meet according to their city.

Please note that only list or checkbox fields can be used to search the attendees' trombinoscope.

You have the possibility to choose to highlight the person or his organization in the trombinoscope:

Meetings' duration: 

You can choose the meetings' duration as well as the duration of breaks between meetings.

Please note that duration of breaks are included in the meeting duration : if you define 30 minutes of appointment and 5 minutes of break, then the meeting will last 25 minutes.

Date ranges:

You can add several date ranges within a single matchmaking session.

The different types of participant: 

After creating segments, you can attribute rights according to the types of participant.

The different rights are: 

  • Meeting requester: they are authorized to see the trombinoscope to request meetings, but they can't receive them
  • Appointment receiver: they are allowed to receive appointments and they appear in the trombinoscope. They aren't authorized to see the trombinoscope and they can't request meetings.
  • Meeting requester and appointment receiver: they are authorized to receive and request appointments. They are allowed to see the trombinoscope.
  • Only authorized to see participants' trombinoscope: they are neither allowed to request nor receive appointments, but they have access to the trombinoscope as to see the speakers' list.

Note that you can attribute a maximum number of meetings according to the participants' typology.

By default, meetings' requests are not automatically accepted by the appointment receivers.

If you wish for the meetings to be automatically added to the participants' agenda, check the box: 

Add additional participants to individual meetings before the meeting:

The participant who has requested or received a meeting can generate a video link before its beginning in order to invite a third party to the individual meeting. 

This is possible from the participant's agenda:

The participant can then share this link with the people he wants to invite:

When this third party connects to the link, he/she accesses this interface: