The Matchmaking sessions is a feature that allows participants to meet people each on a 1:1 meeting (e.g. B2B meetings) during the event. These meetings can be programmed directly into participants' schedules.

Set matchmaking sessions: 

From the Event website tab > Matchmaking sessions > Add a matchmaking session.

Name the session: 

Fill in the information: 

Beyond the "general" part which will allow you to name your activity and insert a description, you have three additional tabs for a perfect setting:

  1. Typologies
  2. Duration
  3. Trombinoscope

  • 1- Set up the typologies:

  • This is where you can set up the appointment requesting and appointment receiving typologies. To do this, you can use previously constructed segments.

By clicking on "new typology", you choose your public and their rights. 

Note that you can assign a maximum number of meetings depending on the type of participants.

Also note that it is preferable to have only one type of recipient and one type of requestor.

By default, appointment requests are not automatically accepted by recipients. By activating the option ''Automatically accept and schedule meeting requests from these participants (no validation required by the counterparty)'', they will then be validated directly.

Finally, depending on whether the event is face-to-face, it is possible to assign virtual rooms, by activating the "Participants participate remotely (visio meetings)" option, or tables, by activating the "Meeting targets have reserved tables" option. It is not possible to activate these two options simultaneously. For a hybrid event, plan one session per format. 

2- Set the duration:

You can choose the duration of your appointments as well as the time for the break between each appointment.

Please note that the break time between appointments is included in the appointment duration: if you define 30 minutes of appointment and 5 minutes of break, then the appointment will last 25 minutes.

Date Range(s):

You can add multiple date ranges within a single matchmaking session. 

3- Setting up the trombinoscope:

You can select fields to search in the attendees' trombinoscope. For example, select the field "City" to allow participants to connect with people living in their city.

Please note that only list or checkbox fields can be used to search the attendees' trombinoscope.

You have the possibility to choose to highlight the person or his organization in the trombinoscope:

Finally, it is possible to make the trombinoscope visible to everyone, regardless of the type of participant or simple visitor to your site.

Add additional participants to the individual meetings before the meetings

Once these settings are made, it is possible to invite other participants to the sessions, up to a limit of 4. 

The participant who has requested or received a meeting can generate a video link before the meeting in order to invite a third party to the 1:1 meeting by sharing the link before the meeting.

This is possible from the participant's agenda:

The participant can then share this link with the people he wants to invite: 

When this third party connects to the link, he/she accesses this interface: