Group activities are the activities planned during your event, it can take several forms such as conferences, workshops, visits, pauses, and meals... They appear within the program. 

These activities, when chosen by participants, will be added to the participant's planner.

In the tab Program > Program settings you can change the name of the activity that displays in the participant's menu based on your event's typology 

To create a new activity, click here: 

Then name the activity:


Finally, fill in the requested information:

You can highlight speakers (from your contact list) who will be displayed in the activity description. By default, the fields name, first name, organization, function, and photo will appear on the speaker's card. 

On the user's side, if a participant clicks on a speaker's card, he will get access to the complete card.

Go to the Program settings tab > Profile fields to edit the fields to be displayed on the speakers' cards.

For your contacts to filter the program using themes, you can add tags : 

To give activity access to only to part of the contact list (after you created a segment), you can select a segment from:

Se a quota allows you to limit the activity to a certain number of participants.

To make the activity mandatory, activate: 

If your group activities are mandatory, they will automatically be integrated into the participants' schedule and they won't be able to remove it from their planner:

Once they've registered for an activity, participants can add them to their calendar: 

For an online event (visio), add the live link and check the box "Embed in Digitevent" to allow an iframe integration of your visio tool.

Important :

First, you must check that your visio platform allows the ifame integration.

You can also give your participants access to a replay by adding a replay link :