After its activation, you will find this feature in your Back-Office > Lead retrieval scan app

It allows participants to better identify themselves by giving them information about their interlocutor.

After sending participants the QR Code (with PDF badges or the printing of badges on site), they will be able to scan other participants' QR codes directly from their smartphone and collect their information (which is selected in advance). 

Before the D-Day:

  • First, you need to be sure that, after registering, your participants received an authenticated link to the networking tool (with mail campaigns for example).

  • Choose the ID for your networking platform. It would be best to use an easy keyword. This link allows participants to enter their email address to receive an email which contains the authenticated link to the networking platform. 

  • Choose the main color of the networking platform. 

  • Write your welcome text (short welcome text and/or explanations about how the platform works). 
  • Choose the fields that participants will exchange. For example, it could be the last name, the first name, and the email address.

For the D-Day:

Make sure that participants can easily find the networking platform ID if they've lost their email so that they receive a new one.