After activating it with a salesperson, go to the Lead retrieval scan app , otherwise known as the Networking App.

This feature allows exhibitors to scan the QR of the attendees' badge to retrieve their contact information.

After sending participants the QR Code (with PDF badges or the printing of badges on site), they will be able to scan other participants' QR codes directly from their smartphone and collect their information (which is selected in advance). 

Setting up:

  • Prior to the event, make sure you send an authenticated link to the Networking tool to the participants by email through a campaign. In this email campaign, encourage them to add the URL to their cell phone's home screen so that they can quickly find it on the day.

  • Choose the main color of your space and the logo of the app


  • Write your welcome text (short welcome text and/or explanations about how the platform works). 
  • Choose the fields that participants will exchange. For example, it could be the last name, the first name, and the email address.

How to scan a participant?

  • The participant will be able to access their lead scanning interface directly from the email containing an authenticated link to the networking tool.

    Here is a visual of the interface:

  • The participant will be able to scan the prospects of his choice by clicking on the QR code icon located at the bottom of the screen;
  • By scanning the QR code of a participant, he will be able to add a comment, only visible by him.

  • Each participant will then have, on his networking tool, all the contacts he scanned with their information.
  • He can, at any time, click on a contact and modify the "comment" field. 
  • Finally, he can export the information of these contacts in an .xslx file by clicking on the blue "Export" button.