You can close the registration for your event at any time.  

From the tab Event website > Registration settings > click on the trigger "Allow registrations".  

You will be able to reactivate registrations at any time if needed.

Once registrations are deactivated, if a participant accesses the form, that person will be told that registration is now closed. 

A message can be customized from the "Registration Settings" tab once registrations are closed. 


There are two other possibilities to block registrations:

  • You can set a maximum registration limit, once the limit is reached registrations will be automatically closed.
    To set a maximum registration limit, go to Registration settings > Set a maximum registration limit.
  • You can also indicate a maximum number of tickets in the settings of your tickets and prices.

To go further, you can also:

  • Add a text on the home page of your site to specify the closing of the event.