If you want to work with several people on your platform, you can share the rights of your event with your collaborators. To do so, your collaborators must first have their own Digitevent account.If you want to work on your platform with other contributors please use this feature.

To create an account, you can click here: https://back.digitevent.com/signup

In your Back-Office > General event settings > Permissions.

  1. Click on "Add a collaborator", and fill in the collaborator's e-mail.
  2. You can limit a collaborator's actions on your event by checking the different boxes.


  • By checking "Access to contacts added by other accounts" your contacts are hidden from your collaborator's Back-Office.
  • You can add as many contributors as you wish.
  • Only the owner of the event can add contributors.
  • You can know the last connection of each contributor.
  • Sharing your Digitevent personal email and password with your team members is strongly discouraged for the following reasons:
    • Lack of identification of the authors of support requests from the platform.
    • Security risk in assigning the various manipulations made on the platform (modification history etc...).
    • Risk of encountering difficulties in case you have to change your password, it could block the entire team.
    • Unable to notify all users in case of an update, new functionality, or technical warning.

  • Warning: With the manual saving, if you are making changes on the same account or even on a different account, you risk overwriting those of your collaborators and thus having to repeat the changes several times. The best way to avoid this is to close the pages you have finished working on and not work on the same pages at the same time.