Digitevent allows you to create segments to isolate a part of your contacts according to specific criteria. Thus, you will be able to filtrate participants according to their attributes. Segmentation will allow you to adapt your event according to your needs and to the different segments.

How do I create a segment?

In your Back-Office > Manage tab > Segments > Create a segment.

You will also find a shortcut to this feature in General > My contacts > funnel icon > New segment.

Start by naming your segment, then click on "add a condition".

  1. Choose the field (column) that will be affected by your condition.
  2. Then click on the second list that appears to select the corresponding action (Is, Contains, Does not contain...).
  3. In the third list, choose the desired information.

When you create a segment, you can specify and combine as many conditions as required. These can be:

  • Cumulative conditions: The contact will match all conditions.
  • Alternative conditions: The contact will match at least one of the conditions.

How to use segments: 

The segment tool is transversal to the platform, which means that it will be useful through different settings steps:

  • Event website > Site content: restrict a page to a segment (e.g.: VIP)
  • Registration settings > Registration form: use conditional display in order to restrict questions to a portion of your contacts
  • My contacts: choose a segment to display a portion of your contacts
  • Campaigns: send a campaign to only a portion of your contacts
  • Program: select contacts who are allowed to participate or assign rights depending on participants' typology
  • Ticketing: assign tickets to guests belonging to a segment
  • Notifications and automations: select which segment of participants will receive the notification 
  • PDF badges: assign badges to a segment of participants (e.g.: confirmed participants)
  • Export: export only a portion of your contact database


  • The segmentation of a campaign can be done with several predefined segments. Example: "Confirmed contacts" + "VIP contacts". Note: these persons must belong to the "Confirmed contacts" segment and the "VIP contacts" segment. 
  • From your custom dashboard, you can view participant data by segment.

Segments allow you to set criteria on fields (default or custom) for example: 

  • Filter all contacts with the invitation status "declined".
  • Filter all contacts that have not opened the invitation campaign.
  • Filter all contacts who signed up after MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Communicate differently according to the types of participants. 
  • Control the different accesses to your event.