You can program automatic SMS to be sent when a participant is signed in. These SMS can be sent to the participants or to one or more persons of the organizing team. 

  • In the Notifications and automations tab > Add automation > Arrival at a check-in point.
  • If you want to send your message to only a portion of the participants, you can set the option "Only if the guest matches a segment...". For example, if you wish to send a message at the arrival of a VIP, select the VIP filter.

  • Write your text message. Click on "Nominative values" to include name tags:
    For example, you could say..: *|FIRSTNAME|* *|NAME|* has just arrived at the event.

  • If your event has several check-in points, SMS can be sent by each of them.


  • You must have SMS credits (on request from our sales team).
  • You can add several phone numbers by clicking on the "+" symbol at the bottom of your page.